About us

Bringing the Best Food and Foodies together

Our ultimate goal is to help you with what and how to eat. We are committed to connecting food establishments with food enthusiasts who look for high-quality and delicious offerings. Similarly, we strengthen this platform to enable our users to explore new treats and unique dining experiences based on their taste preferences and budget. From Asian delights to vegetarian choices, seafood flavors, and staples from around the globe, this is home to the world’s favorite cuisines and those waiting anew to be explored yet. Our list gets longer day by day with hidden gems in the city, bespoke cocktail spots, and street food corners for both savory and sweet finds.


Empowering each other

Our community believes that eating better begins with choosing better food.

We encourage a friendly environment with a sustainable cycle of giving honest reviews by staying helpful in every little way. While a delightful dining experience deserves a five-star approval, an unlikely meal is a red flag to anyone. In case of some unwanted incidents, we bring back the confidence of the food establishment and the user through the direct messaging feature on our platform. A sense of responsibility for each other then takes place. You grow together. Through this interaction, the restaurant will have room for improvement and dedication to be better.

We always believe that every food chain pursued its culinary journey because of passion and every foodie as well fell in love with food because of the same–and this is how we define eating better food, responsibly.


For the Love of Food and the Makers

In just one tap on your smartphone, anything you’re looking for is easily accessible. The Internet is your most reliable source of information, and this remains true and beneficial especially when traveling. For someone who has lived her life as an expat in vibrant cities with Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore on the list for almost a decade now, Food Club Asia’s founder Hershey Morgan wouldn’t have survived the hustle and bustle of what and where to eat without searching online.

From local flavors to international tastes, everyday is an exciting opportunity for Hershey in giving in for unexpected discoveries and new favorites. To her surprise, most of the restaurants that lack a spot on the center stage are in fact serving great-tasting dishes that deserve to be noticed. And Hershey thought, if only they have an online presence—all it takes is just one click for them to be visibly closer to foodies out there who are having a thorough search on their mobile phones for their next favorite dining destination. With this comes the birth of Food Club Asia.

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